Voided line is not maintained in SalesLine table (Binary Fix)


  1. Create a customer sales order with 4 lines.  
  2. Invoice 3 lines on the sales order.
  3. New Pay Period starts.
  4. Recall the order in the POS. Void line 4.
  5. The line is voided from the sales order the line is in back office. The sales order goes from an open order status to a Invoiced status in a different pay period.
  6. Issue in paying sales associates:
    1. There is no Invoice date on the sales order, the last modified date in AX is not a guarantee of the date the sales order was invoiced, since the order could have been edited after it was invoiced.
    2. Due to above we need the ability to track the lines, since voided lines get deleted rather than a status change we cannot track when these sales order goes from Open to Invoiced without wide open queries that take too long to run and cause performance issues within our commissions application.


Preserve line number of sales lines even if lines are voided and removed at HQ  

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