This article describes how to review a Software Asset Manager (SAM) opportunity status in the Channel Incentives Platform tool (CHIP) and how to meet the requirements to earn the incentive.

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Ensure that the deal has reached the eligible Sales Stage and the deal is approved by the Engagement Manager (EM). This can be checked in your CHIP account.
  1. Open CHIP and login with your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID).
  2. In the Opportunity ID field, type or paste the number of the opportunity.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click View under POE column to view the opportunity details.
  5. Review the status of the opportunity.
    • If the opportunity is in Submit status, the Proof of Execution (POE) documents need to be submitted in order to move forward in the payment process.
    • Click the Edit link to check if all the POE documents have been uploaded.
  6. Take note if there is POE uploaded and that the EM Approval box is checked.
  7. Return to search results and click the relevant deal name to retrieve the deal details.
  8. Take note of the Sales Stage & Engagement Type.
  9. Based on the information found under steps 4 through 6, determine if the minimum requirements for incentive earning has been met.
  10. If any requirement has not been met, please do the following:
    • If POE has not been uploaded, proceed to upload the POE in CHIP.
      1. Open CHIP and login with your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID).
      2. Select SAM incentives.
      3. Under the “I need to…” section, click on Search Deals.
      4. Type your Opportunity ID into the Opportunity box, and click Search.
      5. Once the Opportunity is visible, click Submit.
      6. In the new POE menu, click on Browse under the Upload Documents menu to select the required document.
      7. When the document is loaded, click Upload Document.
      8. Repeat this operation as many times as documents you need to upload.
      9. Once all the documents are uploaded, click Submit.
    • If EM approval checkbox is not checked, contact your Engagement Manager (EM) to review and provide the approval. If you do not know who your EM is, please contact your Partner Sales Executive (PSE) or Operations Account Manager (OAM) for further assistance in getting a point of contact.
If all conditions have been met but no incentive has been earned, please contact your channel incentives team via Call Logging Tool on for further investigation.
  1. Open and click Sign In.
  2. Sign in using your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID) and Password.
  3. Under the Tools heading, click Call Logging Tool (CLT) to create your case.
In the event that you cannot access CLT, please find region specific contact details below:

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