Request additional CHIP access as a Partner User


This article outlines the steps involved to request additional access to the Channel Incentive Platform tool (CHIP). 

More Information

To gain additional access into CHIP, you will need to send an email request to your local Partner Administrator. Upon receipt of your request, your Partner Administrator will add the access you are requesting, and you will then receive an invitation from CHIPto complete your registration process. 

If you require a contact name for your Partner Administrator, or if you are a new partner and have not been on-boarded into CHIP, please contact our support team via LiveChat or log a case using the Call Logging Tool (CLT) on and they will provide further assistance. 

  1. Open and click Sign In.
  2. Sign in using your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID) and Password.
  3. Under the Tools heading, click Call Logging Tool (CLT) to create your case.

In the event that you cannot access CLT, please find region specific contact details below: 


This article excludes NAOC (US Only) Surface Partner ADR users as these users do not utilize the Channel Incentives Platform tool (CHIP) at this time.

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