This article describes how to submit a claim via the Channel Incentives Platform tool (CHIP) for the Surface Program.

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You can submit a claim via CHIP by following the below instructions:
  1. Open CHIP and log in with your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID).
  2. Click Submit a Claim under I Need To….
  3. On the Submit Claims page, select the correct period for submission.
  4. Choose a Claim Category (Demand Generation, Market Development or Partner Readiness).
  5. Depending on your choice, CHIP will display the activities that you can claim against.
    • The following activity options are available for Demand Generation:
      • Direct Mail, Email and mobile SMS
      • Print: Catalogs
      • Print: Print Ads and Brochures
      • Web/Online Advertising
    • The following activity options are available for Partner Readiness (these are subject to change in each fiscal year):
      • Microsoft Conference Registration Fees
      • Microsoft Exam Fees
      • Microsoft On-Site Sales Training
      • Microsoft Training Tuition Fees
      • MPN Registration Fees
      • Product Demo/Seeding
  6. Click Search to list the Marketing Development Plans.
  7. Select a plan and click OK
For all activities in the three Categories, you will need to complete the Claim Form, Invoice Information and Proof of Execution (POE).

For more information, please refer to the Distribution Coop Fund Guidebook available at the Microsoft Distribution Coop Activation Kit

You can also review the Program Guides, which are available on the readiness application. You may download it from the following links, depending on your Windows version:

Once you have installed the readiness app:
  1. Click OPS Academy.
  2. Click Disti Channel Incentives Academy.
  3. Click How to submit a claim.


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