Is Office 365 Developer available through the MSDN subscription?


If you have recently acquired an MSDN subscription through an Action Pack or competency and are wondering if you are entitled to the Office 365 Developer subscription through MSDN, then this article is for you. 

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Recently, Microsoft Online Services, including Microsoft Office 365, have become part of the core benefits of the Microsoft Action Pack subscription and Microsoft competencies. The MSDN benefits of these programs do not grant access to Office 365.

Competency partners and Action Pack subscribers must activate Office 365 and the rest of the online services by visiting the Digital Distribution Portal, as shown below:

For detailed instructions on how to complete the activation, download the Product Usage Guide.

If the Office 365 Developer subscription is an investment that you would like to make, you can either start a 30-day trial at no charge or purchase one for US $99 per year. For more information, please visit the MSDN article, Sign up for an Office 365 Developer Site, where additional resources can be found.

For more information, see the Partner Support Community.


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