Support options for setting up single sign-on for Office 365


This article lists support options that are available for setting up single sign-on (SSO) for Office 365.


Office 365 includes technical support. However, if you need help in order to implement SSO or to change SSO configuration for Office 365, that support is not included with the Office 365 subscription. Other support options are available to you for SSO setup. These options are as follows.

No-cost technical guidance

Our aim is to help you complete Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) implementation tasks in a self-service manner by using the free step-by-step guidance that's available to all Office 365 customers. If you have questions about this guidance, additional resources are available from the Office 365 community:

Paid technical advisory services

To request professional support over the web, follow these steps:
  1. Go to, and then select the appropriate product. For example, select Windows Server 2008 R2.
  2. In the list of products, select the version that applies to you. 
  3. In the Problem type list, click Active Directory.
  4. In the Category list, click Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).
  5. Click Start request.
  6. Select a payment method, and then click Continue.
  7. Complete the web form to open a support case. 

Paid consulting services

For more info about consulting services, see the following:

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