Is blogging right for your small business?

Small Business Voices As a small business person, you already wear so many hats you may not be able to add one more. But there are advantages to adding a blogging hat to your business wardrobe. It can be an effective way for small businesses such as yours to get ahead—with a little help from technology.

Small business owner Sean Wallbridge hails from Victoria, British Columbia. To say he is ‘pro-blogging’ may be an understatement. Based on his experience and the experience of some of his employees, we discovered 3 reasons blogging may be good for your small business.

We’ve made it easy for you to decide whether or not blogging is for you. From How to start blogging for your small business to 10 do’s and don’ts for small business blogging, you’ll get an idea of the work involved in writing a blog of your own. We've even included some ways to streamline the process.

Once you’re up and running, Wallbridge and David Caughran, his social media strategist, have advice on How to improve your social media statistics. This will help even if you already have a blog that drives traffic to your website.

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