PSX – Updating Partner Generated Opportunities


This article will guide you through the steps for updating or changing an opportunity in the Partner Sales Exchange (PSX) tool.

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Partner Generated Opportunity (PGO).

Incentives that are in PGO status can be updated by both the Partner Sales Executive (PSE) and by the partner. While PSE’s are able to update and change all types of opportunities, partners are unable to make any changes to:
  • An opportunity that has a closed status.
  • Click the Update Shared tab.
To change or update an opportunity:
  1. Open PSX and login using your Microsoft account (formerly Live ID).
  2. Click the Update Shared tab.
On this tab you may:
  • Manage existing opportunities by updating the sales stage to Won, Loss or Disengaged and add a Close Reason.
  • Decline an opportunity and add a reason.
  • Register for incentives.
  • Manually edit shared opportunities.
  • Export opportunities to edit offline by exporting an Excel file.
  • Freeze the Customer and Opportunity Name columns so they remain visible while the rest of the sheet scrolls.
  • Search for opportunities on the Update Shared tab.

You may also update Shared opportunities that require updates into Excel:
  1. Export the shared opportunities.
  2. Update them in Excel.
  3. Import the updates into the Add or Import tab.
  4. Make corrections as needed.
  5. Select the opportunity and click Share.
  6. PSX syncs the updates and reflects the changes in the Update Shared tab.


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