How to change your user photo in Office 365 by using Outlook Web App


This article describes how to use Outlook Web App to change your user photo that's displayed in Exchange Online in Office 365, Lync 2013, and Lync Web App. 


To use Outlook Web App to update your user photo in Exchange Online, Lync 2013, and Lync Web App, follow these steps: 
  1. Sign in to Outlook Web App.
  2. Click the gear icon (Screen shot of the gear icon ) to open the Settings menu, and then click Office 365 settings.
  3. On the Office 365 settings page, click your email address to open your profile page. 
  4. On your profile page, click the photo icon (Screen shot of the photo icon ).
  5. Browse to the picture that you want, select it, and then click save.


In Office 365, user photos are stored in the following locations:
  • A low-resolution photo (less than 100 KB) is stored in the user’s ThumbnailPhoto attribute in Active Directory. This is the photo that's synchronized to Office 365 in a hybrid environment. Low-resolution photos are used by Lync 2010.
  • A high-resolution photo is stored in the root directory of the user’s Exchange Online mailbox.  High-resolution photos are displayed in Exchange Online, Lync 2013, and Lync Web App.
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