How to export a message trace in Exchange Online Protection


This article describes how to export a message trace in Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP). This information can help you investigate Internet email-routing issues, such as the following:
  • Non-delivery reports
  • Delayed email messages
  • Misrouted email messages
  • Missing messages

More Information

You can run a message trace for the detailed information about the route of a message through the EOP service from the Exchange admin center (EAC). For more information, see Run a message trace and view results.

To obtain the full details about a message in a downloadable format, you must export the search. To do this, follow these steps: 
  1. In the Date range field, select Custom, and then enter values in the Start date and time and End date and time fields that represent a range of greater than seven days. 

    A screen shot of a message trace page, selecting Custom in the Date range field, and the date range greater than 7 days
  2. Select the include message events and routing details with the report check box.

    A screen shot of the include message events and routing details with the report check box
  3. Add at least the sender or recipient address.
  4. After you add an address, you will receive a notification when the message trace is completed and a link to obtain the trace. If you can't open the link directly, open an InPrivate browsing‎ session.
  5. The trace may take a couple of hours to finish. View the trace under View pending or completed traces in the EAC.
For more information about message traces in EOP, see the Message trace FAQ.

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