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Discover Yammer live events with the event carousel

You can make your Yammer live events more discoverable and encourage participation with the new discovery carousel. Attendees can see relevant events right in their home feed and easily click to join the event.

Promotion of a live event in the event feed

Live events are still discoverable through a banner appearing within a community and an events tab for upcoming and past events. Users sometimes don’t see these events, especially if they didn’t belong to the community that hosted the event. The new carousel provides additional functionality by promoting the event right in the user’s home feed. People using Yammer on mobile platforms will also see the promotion of live events.

Screenshot showing Yammer event discovery on mobile

How it works

Users will see the live events in their home feed when using Yammer on the web and on their mobile phones. We recommend promoting events unless you are testing or performing other operations in which you wouldn’t want other people to learn about an event.


When an event goes live, users will see a live event banner in their home feed for:

  • Events held in communities they are a part of

  • Any public live events, such as events held in public communities

This will encourage event attendance and participation.

Promotion of Yammer live events when customers are using Yammer on the web


Organizers can choose whether to promote an event when scheduling a live event. 

To disable live event promotion, organizers just need to check the "Yes" option for the statement "This is a test event (don't show this information to my organization when it's live)". Choose the "No" option for this statement to promote the event. 

Creating a live event and promoting it in Yammer

Should producers choose "Yes" -- say for example, for test events -- then the live event will not be promoted anywhere for non-producers and presenters when the event goes live. Producers and presenters will be still able to see the banner on the community and at the discovery feed level.

Why can producers and presenters still see event promotion when this is listed as a test event?

We’re optimizing this experience for test events. For example, if you’re trying out what your company meeting will look like but don’t want to promote your live event yet, we want to give you an opt-out from promoting while still viewing this event regardless. Other people in your organization won't see this event. 

When and where will my event be promoted?

  • If your event is in a public community – if you choose to promote your event it will be shown in the home feed for your entire organization.

    • It will also be shown in the community feed where the event is held.

  • If your event is in a private community – it will be shown in the home feed only for community members.

    • It will also be shown in the community feed where the event is held.

The event will be shown in the community feed.

Promotion of a live event in a Yammer community

The event will also be shown in the Events tab for the community.

Promotion and discovery of multiple events in a Yammer community

What if I don’t want my event promoted in the discovery feed?

As described in the Organizers section above, if you don’t want to promote your live event -- for example, if you’re testing or because you don’t want to increase event attendance -- just choose the "Yes" option to "This is a test event".

What if my event is a test event?

You can just choose the "Yes" option to "This is a test event" if you don’t want to advertise it to others. This is the best way to ensure you can test privately.

What about events scheduled before the release of this feature?

They will not be promoted in the home feed.

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