Where are my Favorites?

In any browser, there will be a way to identify your favorite web sites and to save those URLs for quick access later. For example, in Internet Explorer, you can click on Favorites which is the fourth link from the left in the upper most navigation bar.  

If you only want to create a list of favorite sites, you would choose to simply add the site to your favorites.  But, you can also create another stripe or bar just below the navigation bar which would contain any favorites that you ‘add to the favorites bar’.

If you are an MSN Explorer subscriber:

You can create a list of your favorite sites from inside the MSN client or ‘butterfly’. You can just click on the star icon at the top of the page wherever you go in MSN Explorer. When you want to see the list of your favorites just click on the star and you’ll see a dropdown list and you can click to those sites right from there.

If you are interested in other ways of personalizing and customizing your MSN.com experience, check out Customizing and personalizing your experience.


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