Error detected in sparse file records after you run OOBE with WIMBoot


Consider the following scenario:
  • You start a computer that's running Windows 8.1 together with Windows image file boot (WIMBoot).
  • You finish running Windows Out of Box Experience OOBE) and then log on to Windows.
  • You run the chkdsk command to check the system drive.

In this scenario, the following errors may be reported. The segment number may vary case by case.

Stage 2: Examining file name linkage ...

Errors detected in sparse file record segment 5415.

Errors detected in sparse file record segment 5418.

Errors detected in sparse file record segment 55416.


The issue occurs if the sparse flag for certain files is not synchronized correctly when WIMBoot is used. This has been confirmed as a known issue in Windows.


The file content is not affected, and the NTFS driver will fix this file attribute mismatch issue automatically after a system restart. You can also fix this issue manually by running chkdsk or by using the error-checking tool on the properties of the corresponding drive in Windows Explorer.

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