Stories to help your small business grow

Small Business Voices Learning from the experience of other small businesses can save you time and money.

Sam Franklin, Founder and CEO of stretches his entrepreneurial dollars by using the free version of Skype to communicate with on-site and off-site employees. In Technology tales, Sam shares the many ways that Skype enhances his ability to conquer the world of ad-free online invitations.

Latina businesswoman Cynarah Ellawala is one of the rising stars of bilingual marketing. With three businesses of her own, including an innovative fashion website, Cynarah offers useful video tips about how to polish your small business’s brand image in 3 ways to make your small business shine.

And in her first column for our blog, cloud consultant Jennifer Reed tells us the story of how she helped another small business owner make the decision to move to the cloud, in Cloud visions, Puget Sound views.


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