Troubleshoot your cloud migration with these 10 tips

By Vincent Choy
Cloud consultant for Office 365
Seri Setia, Selangor, Malaysia

As you prepare for your move to the cloud there are common issues which may come up during your company’s migration. Familiarize yourself with these issues ahead of time to help make your migration easier.

1. User list

Ensure that your user list is up-to-date. Users may have left and not been removed, or changed phone numbers or departments.

2. Access to domain registrar

It’s common to lose or forget domain name login details. Forgotten domain login details can be obtained by submitting the required verification information to the registrar. This takes time, so plan ahead.

3. Incompatible software

Ensure that your operating system and other software is compatible with Office 365. Consider investing in modern software to help protect your company data.

4. Payment

Hosting services need to be paid on time to avoid service disruption. Be cautious about charging to an employee’s personal credit card, as this could create problems if the employee resigns.

5. Email dependent apps

Test your email dependent apps, such as fax to email systems, to make sure they work with Office 365.

6. Firewall/proxy servers

Ensure that you have budgeted to have these settings changed during migration if a third-party vendor has set this up for you.

7. End-User communication

Communicate with end users to ensure that they follow required steps during migration.

8. External Domain Name Systems (DNS) records

Some DNS hosting providers don’t let you create all the required record types, such as Service records (SRV) for Lync. Or, they may not know how to create them. Work with your partner to help resolve DNS issues.

9. Support of Transport Layer Security (TLS) or other authentication protocols

Some applications and appliances, such as printers, scanners, and fax machines, do not support TLS for sending emails. The workaround is to use SMTP.

10. Hosting Service disruption

If you plan on changing your hosting provider as you migrate to Office 365, make sure you have sufficient time to make the switch before your current contract expires.

About Vincent Choy

Vincent has over 20 years’ experience in the IT field and has provided engineering and design software to architects, oil and gas companies, shipyards and the construction industry. He currently consults with companies who are interested in moving to the cloud and specializes in on premise versus cloud comparisons, security, archive, bandwidth, endpoint cloud readiness, cost justification methodologies, technology selection criteria. He is a MVP for Office365. In his free time he is also a Destination Expert for Kuala Lumpur for Trip Advisor.

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