How 4 small businesses like yours migrated to the cloud


Thinking about making a move to the cloud? Learn how the following four companies successfully migrated to the cloud.
1. The California Strawberry Commission is a small organization with 28 employees, but they serve 700 members. Their migration to Exchange Online and integrated Office 365 with Active Directory Domain Services took only a few weeks. The benefits to them included the ability to scale computing resources and creating a communication system that included email, instant messaging, conferencing, document sharing and workflows. They had the expertise to do most of the migration on their own, but planned to use a consultant when they deployed Lync Online.

"By moving to Office 365, we can access the same feature set and provide the same enterprise-level of commitment as a much larger IT organization. That's a success for us and our members," says Stan Massat, Information Systems Manager, California Strawberry Commission.

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2. Pear Workplace solutions, based in Denver, Colorado delivers office furniture solutions for a variety of customers. Working with their technology partner, Solve IT, they migrated to Exchange Online during one weekend. A week later they deployed Lync Online. The next month, they migrated to SharePoint Online. They had a previous relationship with their partner, which made the speedy migration possible, as the partner was familiar with their business needs. Moving to the cloud helped them save $8,000 on hardware, and $1,500 a month for support, endpoint protection software, and instant messaging software.

"Office 365 is scalable. That flexibility is important because we are growing," says John Robbins, President and CEO, Pear Workplace Solutions.

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3. Naturally Me, a small company with six employees, started using Office 365 in 2011. All of the employees live in different states, and the company’s founder has a full-time job in addition to her role with the company. She started by downloading the free trial of Office 365, and fell in love. After that, the rest of the staff moved to Office 365 as well. They use Lync Online to hold regular web conferences, and SharePoint Online when working with their customers.

"We trained everyone at Naturally Me to use Office 365 within 15 minutes. We spent more time getting caught up with each other than learning to use Office 365," says Chaundra Smith, Founder, Naturally Me.

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4. Terri Rodda is a physical therapist who closed her large, one-location practice in Washington, D.C. in favor of a business model that allowed her the flexibility of a solo practitioner. She needed a solution that would save her money, protect patient data, and allow her to go anywhere her patients needed her, including their homes. Office 365, plus cloud software for accounting and medical records management, made her dream possible and helped save her money on annual server maintenance.

"I paid $1,000 a month for someone to manage my previous server, and I had to replace it and the software running on it every five years, at a cost of about $10,000," Terri says. "That's gone, not to mention the worries that go with having all your business data sitting on a server that could fail."

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