Migrate to the cloud by yourself or with an IT expert?

Deciding whether you need help migrating to the cloud or can do it yourself depends upon several factors.

The number of users, the complexity of your current infrastructure, and the level of IT skills available in your company are just the start. You'll also need to evaluate your in-house staff's knowledge of Office 365, security and compliance requirements for your industry, and your company's growth plan.

"I generally recommend getting professional help from a Microsoft Partner who has done it before and can supply case studies of migrations similar to your organization. It can cost you a bit. However, if the partner you engage with is experienced, it can save you lots of headaches," says Amin Tavakoli, an Office 365 Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP).

If you decide to do it yourself, ensure that you understand the technology. Take a simple approach that allows you to test your new software before wide deployment to your company. Avoid migrating everything at once, which could impact all users if problems arise.

If you decide to do your own migration, reference the following resources:

If you decide to engage an IT expert, you can use the PinPoint tool to locate a certified Microsoft IT partner. When searching for a consultant to work with on PinPoint, look for:
  • Location: Choose an expert close to you, so that you don't have to pay travel expenses.
  • Small business experience: Work with an experienced expert who has migrated similar businesses to the cloud.
  • Key skills: Look for an expert with specific skills such as Microsoft competencies.

If you hire an IT expert, ensure that they thoroughly understand how your requirements as a small to midsize business differ from enterprise companies.

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