6 steps to prepare your small business for a move to the cloud

Chances are, if you’re a small business owner, you don’t want to spend time worrying about technical issues, you just want to be more productive. A move to the cloud can be a step in that direction.

Here are some tasks that can help you understand and manage basic steps which are essential to your migration process:

1. Research plan costs and compare features to choose which cloud services will be most effective for your company.

  • Compare plans and prices for Office 365.
  • Turn to your IT manager or partner to help you understand how to apply these service descriptions to your business.

2. Ensure that all company devices are compatible with the cloud services you’ve chosen.

3. Evaluate new devices to replace your aging hardware.

4. Investigate security and compliance issues relevant to your business.

5. Engage with your IT manager or partner to ensure that they understand the technical requirements for your business, such as sign-on options.


6. Prepare your end-users for the migration.


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