How to help employees thrive during your cloud migration

By Amin Tavakoli
Head of Office 365 Practice
Office 365 MVP
Information Management Group Limited
United Kingdom

It’s important to make sure that the move to the cloud is a positive experience for your employees, and doesn’t negatively affect their productivity. Here are five ways to help them thrive while you make the transition:
1. Let your employees know why you are making the move, what the migration experience will be like, and when it will happen.
2. Don’t assume all your employees work in the same way. Ask them what Outlook features, rules, and add-ons they use to help them with their daily work. Plan so that these functions still work after the migration or provide alternative options and let your employees know what these options are. Also, make them aware of new features in Office 365 which can potentially replace their favorite functions and help increase their productivity.
3. Ask your employees to let you know of any unique ways they use their mailbox. For example, I once had a customer who used the Deleted Items folder as their email archive. Other people may use local PST archives. If you have decided not to migrate all the user’s data, such as the Deleted Items folder or the PST files, this could cause a problem for these users.
4. Ask your employees what devices they use and make sure those devices are compatible with Office 365.
5. Support employees as they carry out migration steps on their devices. Also, make sure they get the training they need to use the latest version of Microsoft Office or the Windows operating system.

About Amin Tavakoli

Tavakoli leads the Office 365 Practice at Information Management Group. In a career spanning over 10 years, Amin has worked with a wide variety of public and private sector organizations in the United Kingdom. He has advised many organizations in the areas of cloud adoption, business transformation, security, project management, change management as well as strategic mail migration planning in complex business environments. Amin is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a degree in Computing and Information Systems. He is also an MCITP Office 365 Charter Member, MCSE, MCTS and Prince 2 Practitioner.

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