Failure when running STSADM -deleteolddatabases command


While performing maintenance on the SharePoint User Profile Service Application (UPS), Farm administrators sometimes need to clear the current sync connections in order to remove stale connections.  To do this, the following command is run:

STSADM -o SYNC -deleteolddatabases 0

When a user who is listed in the "Farm Administrators" group, but is not the UPS application pool account or the primary Farm Administrator, they will receive an error as below:

A failure occurred during the processing of this command. Check diagnostic logs for more information.


Additional permissions are required when running the STSADM -o sync -deleteolddatabases with the "days" parameter of "0" (zero).  If a value > 0 is used, the failure does not occur.  A change applied to the August 2013 cumulative update for SharePoint 2010 caused a change in this behavior.


Add the farm administrator explicitly to the "User Profile Service Application -> Permissions" with Full control

More Information

The Farm administrator account (the account running the owstimer.exe service and designated as the Central Administration application pool identity) is able to run this command without additional permissions.
Other Farm administrator accounts will need this specific permission applied.

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