Exchange ActiveSync device is blocked unexpectedly by ABQ list


After you perform a remote wipe or factory reset of an ActiveSync device, or after you restore the device from backup, the ActiveSync client on the device can no longer synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server. 

This issue occurs when one or more of the following conditions are true:
  • The ActiveSync organization setting for the default access level is set to Block or Quarantine.
  • There is an ActiveSync device access rule for which the access level set to Block or Quarantine.
  • The mailbox has the ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceID setting configured.


The ActiveSync client on these devices has a process that generates a DeviceID when the first ActiveSync profile is created. By resetting the device, this removes any existing ActiveSync profiles and resets the DeviceID.


This behavior is by design. The new DeviceID must be added to the mailbox's ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs list.

More Information

In this situation, the user receives a quarantine notification message that resembles the following:

Your mobile device is temporarily blocked from accessing content via Exchange ActiveSync because the mobile device 
has been quarantined. You don't need to take any action. Content will automatically be downloaded as soon as
access is granted by your administrator.

You need to wait for me to check my messages before your device will be activated.

Information about your mobile device:

Device model:Virtual
Device type:WP8
Device ID:B88749B0AAD51D707FD5A3B5C5045A2C
Device OS:Windows Phone 8.10.12400
Device user agent:MSFT-WP/8.10.12400
Device IMEI:35176404001580
Exchange ActiveSync version:14.1
Device access state:Quarantined
Device access state reason:Global

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