How to remove users from SharePoint Online


This article describes how to remove users from SharePoint Online in the following scenarios:
  • Scenario 1: A user is removed from the Office 365 admin center but is still present in SharePoint Online
    When a user account is deactivated or deleted, the user's profile remains in the UserInfo list for any site collections that the user previously browsed to. This may cause confusion, primarily when you use People Picker. This includes external users.
  • Scenario 2: A mismatched Passport Unique ID (PUID)
    This issue most frequently occurs when a user is deleted and the account is then re-created with the same user name. The account in the Office 365 admin center or Active Directory (in directory synchronization scenarios) is deleted and re-created with the same user principal name (UPN). The new account is created by using a different PUID value. When the user tries to access a site collection in this situation (for example, a personal site), the user has an incorrect PUID. A second scenario involves directory synchronization with an Active Directory organizational unit (OU). If the user has already logged in to SharePoint and created personal sites, and then she is later moved to a different OU and resynced with SharePoint, she may experience this problem.


In some scenarios, you may have to remove the user account. This article describes how to do this for the various account types.

  • This article shouldn't to be used for troubleshooting Profile Property synchronization or PUID issues unless otherwise advised by Microsoft Customer Support Services.
  • Many scenarios in this article use <contoso> as a placeholder. In your scenario, replace <contoso> with the domain that you use for your organization.
Standard users
External users

Additional notes

  • At the Office 365 admin center level, user management lets an administrator manage users (create, delete, license, and assign delegated admins) in the Azure Active Directory domain structure. The portal also allows for the management of external users for site collections, including personal sites.
  • In the SharePoint admin center, you can manage Site Collection administrators and the User Profile accounts.
  • When a user browses to a SharePoint Online site, their user information is cached in the UserInfo list. When the same user is removed from the Office 365 admin center, their related UserInfo information is not removed.

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