All pages of the report print when a subreport is selected to print


Consider the follow scenario:

1.  Print preview the Detailed GL report.

2. Double-click one account. A new screen/subreport will open. Print it.

The whole report prints instead of this subreport.


Because this is being printed from the Print Preview, this is controlled by Crystal Reports and not Microsoft Dynamics SL.


Workaround 1- Export the report to a file, such as a PDF. Then open the report in a PDF viewer and select to print a page rage instead of printing the whole report. 

Workaround 2- Before you print the report, use the select tab to select only the data that would usually show in the subreport. Then click print. For example, if you are printing a report that uses many customers, and you select to drill-down into a subreport that shows just one of the customers. Then instead use the select tab to select only that customer and then click print.


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