Usage analytics reports may unexpectedly report no views


When you open an item on a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 library or list, the following usage analytics reports may not reflect views for the previous day: 
  • Most Popular Items
  • Popularity Trends


This is expected behavior when an item is not viewed at least three times in the previous 24 hours.


The usage analytics reports show statistics of how visitors interacted with the content on your website, such as which items were viewed the most frequently. The reports are automatically updated one time every 24 hours when the usage analytics job is run. By default, the usage analytics reports display usage event statistics on library or list items that were viewed three or more times. The number of views that are required for usage event statistics to be displayed is controlled through the TailTrimming parameter. One can view the value of the TailTrimming parameter by using the following Windows PowerShell commands:

$SSP = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxy
$tenantConfig = $SSP.GetAnalyticsTenantConfiguration([Guid]::Empty)
$event = $tenantConfig.EventTypeDefinitions | where-object { $_.EventTypeId -eq 1 }

By default, the output will show that the TailTrimming parameter will have a value of 2:

The default value of the TailTrimming parameter enables the usage analytics reports to be updated for an item only when the item was viewed a minimum of three times within the previous 24 hours. If an item was viewed only two times within the previous 24 hours, those two views will not be reflected in the usage analytics reports after the usage analytics job is run. If the same item is viewed three times within the following 24 hours, the usage analytics report will be updated to reflect the three views the next time that the job is run.

If you want the usage analytics reports to reflect views when documents are viewed only one time within the previous 24 hours, you should set the TailTrimming parameter to 0 (zero). To do this, use the following commands:

$SSP = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxy
$tenantConfig = $SSP.GetAnalyticsTenantConfiguration([Guid]::Empty)
$event = $tenantConfig.EventTypeDefinitions | where-object { $_.EventTypeId -eq  1 }
$event.TailTrimming = 0

Important Be aware that this change will increase the load on the system because of increased analytics processing for documents that were viewed one or two times. 

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