How to be eligible for ADR Deal Registration special pricing


This article provides information regarding the qualifications to be eligible for discounts on Surface units.

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ADR Deal Registration offers discounts off the Net Microsoft Standard Retail Price (MSRP).
TopicDeal RegistrationSpecial Pricing
Offer3% off net MSRPVaries
Minimum Order QuantityGreater or equal fifty unitsGreater than or equal to five hundred units
Deal StackingDeals can be stacked with Bid Grid/Special Pricing on all eligible productsDeals can be stacked with Deal Registration on eligible products
Eligible DevicesSurface Pro 3 units onlySurface Pro 2 and 3 only
First Come, First ServeFirst partner in with budget, authority/decision/maker, need, timeframe  (BANT) secures registrationOpen to all ADRs

Eligibility Criteria

Country–by–country Registration: Completed in the country where the deal is transacted, unless both the reseller and the customer are located in the EU/EFTA region.

Minimum Size Threshold: Deal Registration greater than or equal fifty eligible units; Special Pricing greater than or equal five hundred units.

Automatic RFPs: Deal Registration Desk will not grant deal registration for a deal that a Reseller passively sources in response to a mandatory RFP process on the part of the end customer.

Promotions: Reseller may not receive both a promotional discount and deal registration credit on the same transaction unless stated otherwise in promotion Terms and Conditions.

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