On-line restore database fails with event id 950 using ArcServe

The information in this article applies to:

- Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server
- Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server


When trying to restore a database from an on-line backup using ArcServe, the restore fails with event id 950 from ESE BACKUP

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ESE BACKUP
Event Category: Restore
Event ID: 950
Computer: SERVER1
ASRUNJOB (496) Unexpected file system error 53 encountered while opening the restore environment file.
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On the Exchange 2000 server where you try to restore your database the administrative shares have been deleted.

Error code 53 is: ERROR_BAD_NETPATH, ie the network path was not found.

When specifying a restore destination of, let's say, d:\temp on server SRV, then the filename \\SRV\d$\temp\restore.env will be used to create the

restore.env, even when running on the local machine.
So you can check if the path is available, i.e. administrative shares weren't removed.

See also the following KB article for Exchange 5.5 and previous:
231601 XADM: Missing Hidden Windows NT Shares Prevent Online Backup and

Recreate the administrative shares using the following KB article:
318755 HOW TO: Restore Administrative Shares That Have Been Deleted

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