Microsoft Outlook Has Not Been Installed for the Current User


When you click Start, and then click
E-mail Microsoft Outlook, you may receive the following message:
Microsoft Outlook has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application.
Note When this problem occurs, there will not be any other Office 2003 shortcuts installed.


This problem occurs when Office 2003 is installed on a per-user basis and you logon to the computer as a user other than the user who installed Office 2003.


To correct this problem, logon to your computer with administrator rights and remove Office 2003. Install Office 2003 without using the allusers="" command-line option. For example, double-click the
Setup.exe file on the Office 2003 CD-ROM. This will install Office 2003 for all users of the computer.

If you do not want all users of the computer to have access to Office 2003, follow these steps:
  1. Temporarily grant each user who you want to have Administrator rights.
  2. Log on to the computer as the appropriate user.
  3. Install Office 2003 on a per-user basis.
After the installation is complete, you can log off and reconfigure the user's regular credentials.

More Information

To install Office 2003 on a per-user basis, use a setup command line similar to the following example:
"path\Setup.exe" allusers=""
For more information about setup options when you install Office 2003 programs by using the command line, see the Setup.htm file on your Microsoft Office 2003 CD-ROM.

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