MSBBN: Streaming Video and Internet Gaming Do Not Perform as Expected When You Use MSN Broadband


When you use your Microsoft Base Station to connect to your
MSN Broadband account, you may experience problems performing the following functions, or you may not be able
to perform the following functions:
  • Send streaming video
  • Play multi-player games on the Internet


This issue may occur if you are using the Arescom NetDSL 800U DSL router. This router (provided by MSN) performs several functions that your
Microsoft Base Station also performs. These functions include network address
translation (NAT), and firewall functions.

The configuration of the MSN router
may conflict with services that are performed by your base station. The
configuration of the MSN router is designed to support the connection of only
one computer to the Internet.


You may be able to work around this issue by adding your MSN
router as a gateway for your adapter.

To do this, following these
  1. Click Start, click Control
    , and then click Network and Internet
  2. Click Network Connection, and then
    double-click the connection that is connected to your Microsoft Base
  3. On the General tab, click Internet
    Protocol [TCP/IP]
    , and then click
  4. On the General tab, click
  5. Click the IP Settings tab, and then click
    Add under Default Gateways.
  6. Type the following IP addresses, and then click
  7. Click OK , and then click
    OK again


To troubleshoot this issue, connect your computer directly
to your Arescom NetDSL 800U DSL router, connect to the Internet, and then test
to see if the symptoms described in this article are resolved. If you
experience the same problems when you bypass your Microsoft Base Station, the
base station is not the cause of the symptoms you are

Make sure that you can connect to the Internet before
you add your base station. For information about how to configure your Internet
connection, see the documentation you received when you signed up for broadband
service, or contact MSN Broadband technical support.

The third-party products that are
discussed in this article are manufactured by companies that are independent of
Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the
performance or reliability of these products.

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