Description of Universal Scrolling Feature


This article describes the Universal Scrolling feature that is available in Microsoft IntelliPoint Software version 4.1.

Note Intellipoint 4.9 and later does not support Universal Scrolling. With Intellipoint 4.9, scrolling only works if a program has been designed to support native scrolling in windows.

More Information

The Universal Scrolling feature can detect if a program is designed to support wheel features such as panning and scrolling. If the IntelliPoint software determines that the program does not have native support for the wheel, the Universal Scrolling feature provides wheel scrolling functionality. If the software determines that the program does have native support for the wheel, the Universal Scrolling feature enables the program to provide the built-in wheel functionality.

For the Universal Scrolling feature to work in a program that is not designed to support the wheel features, the following conditions must be met:
  • The program or document window must have active scroll bars.
  • You must be able to scroll through the program window.

    For example, if you are at the top of a document you cannot scroll up but you can scroll down.
  • You must have a pointing device with a wheel.
  • You must have installed the IntelliPoint software version 4.1.
You can configure the wheel features by using the Mouse tool in Control Panel. In the Mouse tool, you can turn off Universal Scrolling in the programs that you select.

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