Setup Options for Exchange Server 2003

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This article lists command options for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Setup.

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setup.exe /ChooseDC dcName
Specifies a domain controller to be used for Setup.

setup.exe /DisasterRecovery
Allows recovery of an Exchange installation after the server configuration has been restored from backup. This allows you to recover data from missing files, registry keys, and deleted folders. You must make sure that there is a valid backup of the data, and if there is not a valid backup, check to make sure that the databases that are located on the server are consistent. You should not use this switch to upgrade Exchange 2000 Server to Exchange Server 2003. This switch is read-only and makes no changes in Active Directory.

setup.exe /ForestPrep
Prepares your Windows forest for installation of Exchange Server 2003.

setup.exe /DomainPrep
Prepares the domain that this computer is a member of for installation of Exchange Server 2003.

setup.exe /?
Displays the command line parameters that are available for Exchange Server 2003 Setup.

setup.exe /CreateUnattend filename.ini
Creates an unattend file that is named filename.ini.

setup.exe /UnattendFile filename.ini
Runs in unattended mode with settings in filename.ini.

setup.exe /Password Password
Autologon password for the current user. Logs the current user on automatically.

setup.exe /EncryptedMode
Runs with the /CreateUnattend switch to create an unattend file by using encryption.

setup.exe /ShowUI
Used in conjunction with the /UnattendFile switch to show the user interface (UI) even if you are running off an unattend file.

setup.exe /NoEventLog
Turns off event logging.

setup.exe /NoErrorLog
Turns off error logging.

setup.exe /All
Enables all components for installation, upgrade or reinstallation.


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