Network Load Balancing Manager does not work with imaged servers


When you try to use the Network Load Balancing Manager to configure Network Load Balancing, the first node is configured successfully and comes online, but subsequent nodes do not join the Network Load Balancing cluster. You may receive the following error message:

No interfaces are available for installing a new cluster


This problem may occur if the subsequent nodes are on servers that were created by using an image. The problem occurs because the servers that are created by using an image may have the same Network GUIDs in their registry if the network adapter is installed as part of the image. The Network Load Balancing Manager uses this GUID to attach and configure Network Load Balancing on the servers. The Network Load Balancing Manager detects the GUID of the first server, and then does not register subsequent network adapters that have the same GUID.


To resolve this problem, remove, and then re-install the network adapter that you want to use for Network Load Balancing for subsequent nodes on servers that were created by using an image. After you remove and re-install the network adapter, configure Network Load Balancing by using the Network Load Balancing Manager.

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