XADM: Exchange servers must be registered in DNS

Problem Description:
First RG have 1 server [Exchange 2003] servername: EX1-2003
Second RG have 2 servers [Exchange 2003] servernames: EX2-2003 , EX3-2003

A RG connector is configured between the routing groups.
EX1-2003 have both EX2-2003 and EX3-2003 specified on the Remote Bridgehead tab.

EX1-2003 have mails queued up against the Second RG

The queue status is: "Unable to bind to the destination server in DNS"

The issue is that when one of the remote bridgehead server for EX1-2003 is missing a A-record in DNS.
We do not failover and use the second server in the list that has a correct DNS record registered.

From the application log, we can see the following event :

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MSExchangeTransport
Event Category: Connection Manager
Event ID: 4000
Message delivery to the remote domain '_7b7753957c55404f97ed0571375664bc_D' failed for the following reason: Unable to bind to the destination server in DNS.

Repro steps:
We were able to reproduce the issue you experienced a few weeks ago.
We have installed 4 servers in our lab environment :

1. Servername: DC-2003
Role: Domain Controller / Global Catalog server.

2. Servername: EX1-2003
Role: Windows 20003 Member server running Exchange 2003 RTM

EX1-2003 is part of:
First Administrative Group
First Routing Group

3. Servername: EX2-2003
Role: Windows 20003 Member server running Exchange 2003 RTM

4. Servername: EX3-2003
Role: Windows 20003 Member server running Exchange 2003 RTM

EX2-2003 and EX3-2003 are part of:
Second Administrative Group
Second Routing Group

The steps are as follows :

- When all servers are up and running, connect to the DC-2003 server and start the DNS MMC tool.
- Remove the A record for server EX2-2003
- Connect to the server EX1-2003. Start a command prompt and type: IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
- Connect to DC-2003 again- Start Outlook and use the pre-configured profile. Send mails to Mailbox EX2 and Mailbox EX3
- Connect to to EX1-2003. Start the Exchange System Management tool, Select queues for server EX1-2003

Notice that the mails that were sent previously are stuck in the queue.
And the queue status is. "Unable to bind to the destination server in DNS"

- Add back the missing A record for EX2-2003 in DNS
- Restart the Default SMTP virtual server

This behavior occurs because :
- routing does not mark down the connector in the link state table as all the target bridgehead servers are not down.
- we pass a DNS error of one virtual server to the logical guid of the whole RG and this affects all virtual servers.

If the problem was a TCP error e.g "destination server did not respond to a connection attempt" or " SMTP protocol error occurred" or " connection dropped by remote host", we would try the other bridgehead virtual server in the list.

Exchange requires that Domain Name System (DNS) be running in the forest where your Exchange server is installed. Exchange uses DNS in many ways, including enhancing security, resolving names for non-local message delivery, masking IP addresses, and performing reverse DNS lookups.

Exchange 2003 makes use of Microsoft Windows 2003 Server technology in five key ways:
• Exchange uses Windows 2000 Active Directory to store and share directory information with Windows 2003.
• Exchange is administered from the Windows 2003 Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
• Exchange uses transport protocols that are built into the operating system through Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
• Exchange uses the Domain Name System (DNS) in Windows 2003
• Exchange uses your Windows 2003 network infrastructure as Exchange sites so you don't have to create and maintain a separate infrastructure for Exchange.

So having all Exchange 2000 servers registered in DNS is a pre-requisite.
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