Reinstalling Windows

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Initiating Windows can be a traumatic process. Join us as we look at what can go wrong and discuss possible remedies

it’s always possible that your installation of Windows fails to go smoothly and you encounter problems, either during the installation process or afterwards. We’ve put together these solutions for the most common problems.

When I try to run the Windows Setup program to begin installing Windows I receive an error message, such as Error SU0018, or Warning SU0011.

There are a whole host of possible set-up errors that are described by different SU codes. For the more common ones you’ll find detailed information in the Setup.txt file, which is on your Windows CD-ROM.

If you don’t find your particular error code listed here, you’ll find more information by going online and searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base at for article ID Q129971.

I receive an error message when DirectX is being installed.

Many of the error messages related to the DirectX installation are the result of damaged files. This can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest version of DirectX from If you receive a message saying that ‘DirectX setup encountered an internal error’, then search your system for files called Dsetup32.dll and Dsetup16.dll and rename them Dsetup32.dxx and Dsetup16.dxx. Then try the installation again.

When upgrading or reinstalling Windows 98 the set-up procedure attempts to install to a Windows.000 folder, or Windows98.000 folder. Is this a problem?

This can occur if the installation that you’re reinstalling or upgrading over is missing some key files, or if the original Windows folder is missing or damaged. However, you can rectify this problem quickly.

When you’re prompted to install Windows in this folder, click Other Directory, and then type the name of the folder you want to use, such as Windows. However, it may denote a more serious problem with your original Windows installation that this upgrade or reinstallation cannot rectify. If this is the case, you may need to perform a clean installation of Windows.

After reinstalling Windows my hardware isn’t working correctly. I have exclamation marks in yellow triangles appearing against hardware devices in Device Manager.

Usually, the first thing to try is to update the driver for the hardware. Visit the manufacturer’s Web site to obtain the latest driver for your version of Windows. However, there are various different error messages that can appear in Device Manager.

For details about what these errors mean and how to solve them, visit the Microsoft Knowledge base at and search for the article ID Q125174.

Perform a clean boot in Windows 98

1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, point to System Tools and then click System Information. On the Tools menu, click System Configuration Utility.

2. Click Selective Startup and then clear these boxes: Process Config.sys File, Process Autoexec.bat File, Process Winstart.bat File, Process System.ini File, Process Win.ini File, Load Startup Group Items.

3. Press OK and then restart your PC.
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