Check the User Types and Statuses on CHIP


In this article you will find information on user types and statuses on the Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP) for the Commercial Distributor Program.

More Information

There are two user types on CHIP:

User types:

·         Partner Admin - Has rights related to managing and editing the organization’s profile, bank details, program preferences and adding, editing and deleting partner admin and partner users

·         Partner User - Has limited rights. Can view Bank data, submit Market Development plan and Coop Claims etc. Cannot change organizational or payment profiles. Cannot add, edit or remove users.

What is the meaning of a status in CHIP?

User Status:

·         Active - The user is able to access CHIP.

·         Inactive - The user is not able to access CHIP.

·         Invited - The user has received an invitation to join CHIP and needs to complete the registration to activate the Account.

·         Eligible - The user information is on CHIP, but the invitation has not been sent yet.

If you would like to know what the meaning of other statuses in CHIP is, please read article: Check Payment Status(for payment related statuses) or Check the Meaning of MD Plan and Claim Status on CHIP(for CHIP users’ related statuses).

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