Sample BAI file for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Sample BAI file for Microsoft Dynamics GP




1.  FILE SETUP:  Copy the below data in-between the lines below into Notepad, and save the file as a .csv file to your desktop or another location where you can find it.   FYI --The same data in the file is:

date = May 30, 2016 (notice the date needs to be 160530. the format is YYMMDD, so don't drop leading zeroes on the month or day, which is why you should work in Notepad and not Excel, as the auto-formatting in Excel drops leading zeroes.)
Bank account = 80808080
Two checks #456 and #789 for $100.00 each
The first two digits of each line is the standard code for each line type to tell the system what type of line it is.

2.  CHECKBOOK SETUP:  Then in GP, go to Cards | Financial | Checkbook, and select the checkbook you want to use.

     a. Put the Bank Account number 80808080 in the BANK ACCOUNT field, or else put your actual bank account number in and then update it in the third line of the sample file above, so it matches.  This is how it finds the checkbook to use.   (This bank account can only be on ONE checkbook.)

     b. In the BANK ID field, enter a Bank ID of your choice, such as 'BAI'.  (Click to ADD it when prompted.)  

     c. Save and close the checkbook.

3. CONFIGURATOR SETUP.  Go to Tools | Routines | Financial | Electronic Reconcile | Configurator.

    a.  Enter a Bank format name and description of your choice, such as BAI.

    b.  For FILE FORMAT, select BAI and the fields will default.

    c.  Unmark the RECORD DELIMITER checkbox.

    d.  Click on the CODES ENTRY button in the button right.

         I.  Select CHECK PAID and click Save to cache the default codes under this category.

         II.  Also select DEPOSITS REC'D and click Save to cache it.   Close the window.

    e.  Click SAVE.

4.  DOWNLOAD SETUP:  Go to Tools | Routines | Financial | Electronic Reconcile | Download Maintenance.

     a. Enter a BANK DOWNLOAD ID  of whatever you want, such as 'BAI'.

     b. Select the 'BAI' bank format that you created.

     c. Select the 'BAI' bank ID that you saved on the checkbook.

         I. Click ADD CHECKBOOK and select the checkbook ID you worked with in #2 above.

     d.  In the Download Filename and path, browse out to the bai.scv file you saved on your desktop in #1. 

     e.  Save.

5.  DOWNLOAD TRX:  To download the file, go to Tools | Routines | Financial | Electronic Reconcile | Transactions Download.

     a.  Select the 'BAI' download ID.

     b.  Click DOWNLOAD button at the top.

     c.  For a confirmation number, enter '123' and click SUCCESSFUL.  Hopefully both checks rom the file populate in.

     d.  Click OK at the top to close the window.

6.  CLEAR.  To do this again, go to Tools | Routines | Financial | Electronic Reconcile | Summary History, and select your download ID, and click DELETE ALL at the top, and click DELETE when prompted.  Now you can bring in the file again.

More Information

For more troubleshooting tips for Electronic Reconcile, bringing in bai files, and the matching process refer to the following: 

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