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This article describes the procedure for obtaining the Script control.

More Information

On The Web

The Script control provides a simple way for your application to host a scripting environment. Supported scripting languages are VBScript, JavaScript, and any other compliant scripting language that will work with the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.

You can download the script control from the following Web site:

This page also provides a link to documentation on how to use the control. The file name you will receive is sct10en.exe.

NOTE: Registration is required before downloading this control.

Visual Basic 6.0

The Script control ships with Visual Basic 6.0; however, Visual Basic 6.0 setup does not install the Script Control for you. The control is located in the CD directory Common\Tools\VB\Script. To install the script control, try the following steps:

  1. Copy msscript.ocx to Windows\system or WinNT\system32.
  2. Copy msscript.hlp and msscript.cnt to Windows\help or Winnt\help
  3. Copy dispex.dll, jscript.dll and vbscript.dll to Windows\system or Winnt\system32.

    NOTE: If you have newer copies of these DLLs on your system, do not overwrite them.

  4. Register msscript.ocx using RegSvr32.exe. Example:

    Regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system\msscript.ocx

Using the Script Control

The script control installs both as an ActiveX control that you can place on a form and as an ActiveX server that you can instantiate in code.

To make the control available to your project, click on the Projects Menu and select Components. This also makes the ActiveX server available.

To make just the ActiveX server available, click on the Projects Menu and select References.


The help file for the script control contains limited sample code. For additional sample code, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

184742 : HOWTO: Use the Script Control Error Object

184745 : HOWTO: Use Script Control Modules and Procedures Collections

184740 : HOWTO: Call Functions Using the Script Control

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