Nothing happens when you click the "Generate email messages" option in Word for Mac mail merge window


When you create a mail merge then select the Generate email messages option, the Outlook for Mac opens but no email message is displayed.


This is by design.


If you chose the option to Generate email messages, all emails will be placed in either your Draft or Outbox folder.

Possible workaround:

Using Automator Workflows to place the emails in the outbox and send them right away because the Mail Merge in Word 2011 places the email messages in the drafts folder and not the outbox when choosing the option to, “Generate emails”.

  1. Once your mail merge in Word 2011 is complete launch Automator from the HD\Applications folder.
  2. Click Workflow.
  3. Click the <Choose> button.
  4. Type Outlook in the Actions/Variable search bar.
  5. Double-click Get Selected Outlook Items.
  6. Go back to Outlook and select the items in the draft folder.
  7. Go back to Automator and double-click on, “Send Outgoing Outlook Mail Messages".
  8. Hit Run, it should send your selected messages.

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