HTTP/1.1 Error 403 - Access Forbidden


Following the submission of a GET request to a Web server, the Web server responds by sending the following error message to the client browser:
HTTP/1.1 Error 403 - Access Forbidden


The AccessPerm key for the object being requested exists in the metabase, but not in the file system. Presently there is no synchronization between the file system and properties in the metabase.


You must manually synchronize the various properties in the metabase and File System. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Option 1
  1. Re-create the object in the file system.
  2. Open the MMC and delete the object.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and delete the object from the file system.
Option 2

Use Adsutil.vbs to delete the metabase entry for the object in question.

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