List of Supported Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Scanners and Cameras

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This article lists the scanners, still image cameras, and streaming digital cameras that are supported by Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) in Windows Millennium Edition (Me). These devices, except for the AVC-compliant digital video camcorders that implement the VCR subunit, have WIA device drivers that are included in Windows Me.

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Primax Colorado USB 19200
Epson GT-5000 (SCSI)
Epson GT-5500 (SCSI)
Epson GT-8500 (SCSI)
Epson GT-9500 (SCSI)
Epson Expression 636 (SCSI)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4100C (USB)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6200C (SCSI/USB)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5200C (USB only)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6300C (SCSI/USB)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5p (SCSI)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6100C or 4c/3c (SCSI)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4p (SCSI)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3p (SCSI)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIcx (SCSI)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIp (SCSI)
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIc (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker 4 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker 5 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker 6400XL (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker 9600XL (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker E3 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker E6 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker V300 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker V310 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker V600 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker X6 (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker X6EL (SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker X6u (USB)
Microtek SlimScan C3u (USB)
Microtek SlimScan C6u (USB)
Microtek ScanMaker V6USL (USB/SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker X12USL (USB/SCSI)
Microtek ScanMaker V6UPL (USB only) (new)
UMAX Astra 600S (SCSI)
UMAX Astra 610S (SCSI)
UMAX Astra 1200S (SCSI)
UMAX Astra 1220S (SCSI)
UMAX Astra 2400S (SCSI)
UMAX Astra 1220U (USB)
UMAX Astra 2000U (USB)
UMAX Astra 2100U (USB)
UMAX Astra 2200 (USB/SCSI)
UMAX Astra 4000U (USB)
UMAX PowerLook 1100 (1394)
Visioneer 6400 USB
Visioneer OneTouch 8600 USB
Visioneer OneTouch 8100 USB
Visioneer 7600 USB
Visioneer 6100 USB
Visioneer 5300 USB

Still Cameras

Note All cameras are serial unless otherwise noted.
Agfa ePhoto 307
Agfa ePhoto 780
Agfa ePhoto 1280
Agfa ePhoto 1680
Canon PowerShot A5
Canon PowerShot A5 Zoom
Canon PowerShot Pro70
Epson PhotoPC / CP-100
Epson PhotoPC 500 / CP-200
Epson PhotoPC 600 / CP-500
Epson PhotoPC 700 / CP-600
Epson PhotoPC 750Z / CP-700Z
FujiFilm DX-5/DS-10
FujiFilm DX-7/DS-20
FujiFilm DX-9/DS-30
FujiFilm MX-700
FujiFilm DS-300
HP PhotoSmart C20
HP PhotoSmart C30
HP PhotoSmart C200
Konica Q-M100
Konica Q-M100V
Kodak DC200
Kodak DC210
Kodak DC215
Kodak DC220 (USB only)
Kodak DC260 (USB only)
Kodak DC265 (USB only)
Kodak DC290 (USB only)
Kodak DC240 (USB only)
Kodak DC280 (USB only)
Minolta Dimage V
Nikon CoolPix 900
Nikon CoolPix 950
Nikon CoolPix 700
Casio QV 10
Casio QV 10A
Casio QV 11
Casio QV 30
Casio QV 70
Casio QV 100
Casio QV 120
Casio QV 200
Casio QV 300
Casio QV 700
Casio QV 770
Casio QV 5000SX
Olympus D-200L
Olympus D-220L
Olympus D-300L
Olympus D-320L
Olympus D-340L
Olympus D-340R
Olympus D-500L
Olympus D-600L
Olympus D-400Z
Sanyo DSC-V1/VPC-G200
Sanyo DSC-X1/VPC-X300
UMAX AstraCam (USB)
UMAX AstraCam 1000 (USB)

Still Cameras, IrTran-P

Note that only IR connection is supported, unless listed above.
Casio QV-770
Casio QV-5000SX
Casio QV-7000SX
Sharp VE-LC2
Sony DSC-F3

Video Cameras

Intel YC72
Intel YC76 (a.k.a. Intel Create and Share Camera)
Intel CS330 (a.k.a. Intel PC Camera Pack)
Intel CS430 (a.k.a. Intel PC Pro Camera)
Philips PCA645VC Digital Camera
Philips PCA646VC Digital Camera
Philips PCA675VC USB VGA Camera
Philips PCA680VC USB VGA Camera

Any AVC-compliant Digital Video Camcorder that Implements the VCR Subunit

Panasonic DVCPro (PAL, NTSC)
Panasonic NV-DE3 (NTSC)
Panasonic NV-DS77 (PAL)
Panasonic NV-DX100 (PAL)
Panasonic NV-DS5 (PAL)
Panasonic DV-710 (NTSC)
Sharp VL DC5 (NTSC)
Canon Optura (NTSC)
Canon Vistura (NTSC)
Canon Elura (NTSC)
Sony VX1000(NTSC)
Sony PC7 (NTSC)
Sony VX700 (NTSC)
Sony PC-1 (NTSC)
Sony TR-7000 (Digital 8)
Sony TRV-510 (Digital 8)
Sony TRV-103 (Digital 8)
Sony TRV 310 (Digital 8)
Sony TRV-900

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