Partner Learning Center Training Schedule and Transcript


This article contains information about how to view your Partner Learning Center (PLC) activities on the training transcript. You may also review your completed courses on the Training Transcript page and print your activity completion certificate.

More Information

PLC training schedule and Training Transcript

1. Log on to the Partner Learning Center using a Windows Account (formerly Live ID) associated to your Partner Organization.

The Training Schedule can be used to view your activities.

2. Click on Training Schedulefrom the PLC Homepage.

3. There are multiple ways to filter and view your Training schedule. Use the View drop down menu to make your desired selection.

Training Transcript

You may review all of your completed courses on the Training Transcript page.

1. Click on Training Transcriptfrom the PLC Homepage.

2. Your completed courses can be filtered by completion period. Use the drop down menu to do so.

Print Activity Completion Certificate

1. If you need a hard copy of your training transcript, you may export your training transcript to PDF by clicking on Export to PDF button in the upper right hand corner.

2. To print a completion certificate, click on the Certificate icon next to the course. A new window will open; click Print in the upper right hand corner.


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