The workflow rules no longer run when you use the Deployment Manager Import Organization Wizard to import an organization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0


In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0., you disable and then delete an organization. When you use the Deployment Manager Import Organization Wizard to import an organization, the workflow rules no longer run. Additionally, the following error message is logged in the event viewer:

Received SQL Exception accessing organization {B0C47547-14B8-DC11-AFCA-0013724BA161}. Exception: Microsoft.Crm.Metadata.EntityMetadataNotFoundException: The entity with ObjectTypeCode = 0 was not found in the MetadataCache.

at Microsoft.Crm.Metadata.DynamicMetadataCache.GetEntity(Int32 entityCode)

at Microsoft.Crm.Asynchronous.QueueDataAccess.GetEntityLogicalNameFromObjectTypeCode(Int32 objectTypeCode)

at Microsoft.Crm.Asynchronous.QueueDataAccess.GetLookup(Object objectId, String objectIdName, Int32 objectDsc, Int32 objectTypeCode)

at Microsoft.Crm.Asynchronous.QueueDataAccess.<>c__DisplayClass2.<SelectEvents>b__0(Object[] values)

at Microsoft.Crm.Asynchronous.DataAccessBase.ExecuteSqlCommandAndProcessRecords(IDbCommand command, RecordProcessor recordProcessor)

at Microsoft.Crm.Asynchronous.QueueDataAccess.SelectEvents(Int32 numberOfEvents)
If you view the AsyncOperationBase table and the BulkDeleteFailureBase table in the organization database that you imported, you notice that all values in the RegardingObjectId column are a GUID that is used for the organizationid identifier of the organization database.


This problem occurs because the AsyncOperationbase table is updated incorrectly when you import an organization.


This problem is fixed in the latest cumulative update rollup for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
949256 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 updates and hotfixes

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