The 2008 General Distribution Release improves compatibility with Team Foundation Server 2010


This General Distribution Release (GDR) improves compatibility between Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Explorer Service Pack (SP1) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server (TFS). The GDR enables teams to use TFS 2010 even if part of the team uses the 2008 client. Some new functions will require the 2010 client. However, the GDR lets you use the 2010 server to perform the same functions that you were able to perform in the 2008 client.

More Information

The following compatibility scenarios are either enabled or improved in the GDR:

Work Item Tracking

  1. TFS 2010 provides flexibility so that locations can be changed for team project portals, for shared documents, and for process guidance. The GDR retrieves the new locations from the server and then enables the 2008 client to locate the new locations.
  2. Team Project Collection is a new feature that was added to TFS 2010. Therefore, TFS 2010 has new paths that include Team Project Collection. Because server paths have changed for the Team Project RDL reports, the GDR also enables the 2008 client to locate the reports in these new locations.
  3. The GDR helps identify the queries that must be run in a newer client.

Office Integration

The addition of hierarchy in TFS 2010 has created some portability issues with Microsoft Office Project plan documents. These issues occur when the documents are created by a 2010 client but are used by a 2008 client. The GDR enables the 2008 client to update field values. However, the GDR does not let the 2008 client change link relationships, such as the relationships in hierarchies and in dependencies.

Version Control

  1. The GDR enables the 2008 client to view, update, undo, and commit pending changes. These changes mostly involve renaming files when you work on TFS 2010.
  2. The user can also view committed changes by opening the changeset details or by opening Source Control Explorer.
  3. The GDR enables the 2008 client to display accurate version information during conflict resolution.

Test Case Management

  1. Test Elements 2010 and Ultimate 2010 with TFS 2010 improves the functionality of Test Case Management. Customers who use Team Test 2008 can view the Test Steps control and the Associated Automation control in read-only mode. Therefore, the user receives context information using the 2008 client.
  2. Test Result Publishing Server enables the user to publish test results from Visual Studio and from the MS Test Command Line Tool.

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