Supported versions of the Office viewers


Microsoft recently discontinued the older versions of Office viewers. Microsoft will not provide hotfix, service pack, or security update support for these products. The discontinued Office viewers are as follows: 
  • Word Viewer 97/2002
  • Word Viewer 2003
  • Excel Viewer 97/2000
  • Excel Viewer 2003
  • PowerPoint Viewer 97/2000/2002
  • PowerPoint Viewer 2003

    Note The version of PowerPoint Viewer 2003 that is included with Office 2003 will continue to receive support through the life cycle of Office 2003.
  • Visio Viewer 2002
  • Visio Viewer 2003

More Information

Supported Office viewers

To obtain the latest supported versions of the Office viewers, go to the following Microsoft websites: Note Office viewers must be updated to a supported service pack level in order to remain in support. Use the following table to obtain applicable service pack information. 
Supported Office viewerService pack applicabilityNotes
PowerPoint ViewerApply service packs for PowerPoint Viewer PowerPoint Viewer is also known as PowerPoint 2010 Viewer
Word ViewerNot applicableNo service packs apply to Word Viewer
Excel ViewerApply service packs for Excel Viewer 2007Excel Viewer is also known as Excel Viewer 2007
Visio ViewerApply service packs for Visio 2010 Viewer Visio Viewer is also known as Visio 2010 Viewer

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