Using the Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 System Policy Editor

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You can use the Windows NT and Windows 95 System Policy Editors(Poledit.exe) interchangeably to create policy files for and on differentoperating systems.
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The Windows NT System Policy Editor can run on both Windows NT version 4.0and Windows 95, but cannot run on previous versions of Windows NT. TheWindows 95 System Policy Editor runs on only Windows 95. However, you mustrun System Policy Editor on the operating system for which you intend tocreate policy files.

For example, if User1 uses Windows 95 and User2 uses Windows NTWorkstation, run System Policy Editor on Windows 95 to create User1'ssystem policy file, and then run System Policy editor on Windows NTWorkstation or Windows NT Server to create User2's system policy file.

Although Windows NT Server version 4.0 provides .adm files for both theWindows NT and Windows 95 platforms, the files should be loaded only on theappropriate operating system you are creating policy files for. Forexample, when creating system policy files on Windows NT, load Winnt.adm,and when creating system policy files on Windows 95, load Windows.adm.Common.adm can be used with both operating systems.

Note: Windows NT Workstation does not include System Policy Editor. Torun System Policy Editor under Windows NT Workstation, install Poledit.exefrom the Windows NT Workstation Resource Kit.
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Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Windows 95

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