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ActiveX is an open integration platform that provides developers, users, and Web producers a fast and easy way to create integrated programs and content for the Internet and Intranets. Using ActiveX, you can easily insert multimedia effects, interactive objects, and sophisticated programs into a Web page, creating a user experience comparable to that of high quality multimedia CD-ROM titles.

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More Information

ActiveX is a standard that enables software components to interact with one another in a networked environment, regardless of the language(s) used to create them. Most World Wide Web (WWW) users will experience ActiveX technology in the form of ActiveX controls, ActiveX documents, and ActiveX scripts.

ActiveX Controls

ActiveX controls, formerly known as OLE controls or OCX controls, are components (or objects) that you can insert into a Web page or other program so that you can reuse packaged functionality that someone else programmed. For example, the ActiveX controls that are included with Internet Explorer enable you to enhance your Web pages with sophisticated formatting features and animation.

A key advantage of ActiveX controls over Java programs and Netscape plug-ins is that ActiveX controls can also be used in programs written in many programming languages, including all of the Microsoft programming and database languages.

ActiveX Documents

When you are browsing with an ActiveX-aware Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, ActiveX documents enable you to open a program with its own toolbars and menus available. This means you can open non-HTML files, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word files, by using an ActiveX-aware Web browser.

ActiveX Scripting

ActiveX scripting supports most popular scripting languages, including Microsoft Visual Basic Script and JavaScript. ActiveX scripting can be used to integrate the behavior of several ActiveX controls or Java programs from the Web browser or server, extending their functionality.

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