Android smartphone devices that are supported for use with Lync 2010 for Android


The More Information section of this article provides support information for Android smartphone devices with Lync 2010 for Android.

More Information

  • The Android smartphone must be running Android 2.3 or later
  • Lync 2010 for Android is not supported with Android tablet devices

The following Android smartphone devices have been specifically evaluated and are supported for use with Lync 2010 for Android:
ManufacturerDevice TypePixelROMFeatures
HTCNexus One400 X 800512 MBVirtual Keyboard
SamsungNexus S480x80016 GBVirtual Keyboard
HTCSensation540 X 9601 GBVirtual Keyboard
MotorolaMoto Atrix 4G540 X 9404 GBVirtual Keyboard
HTCInspire480 X 8004 GBVirtual Keyboard
SamsungGalaxy S II480 X 8001.1 GBVirtual Keyboard
SamsungGalaxy S480 X 8001 GBVirtual Keyboard
HTCDesire480 X 800512 MBVirtual Keyboard
MotorolaMOTO XT316240 X 320512 MBCandybar Fixed Keyboard
HTCWildfire240 X 320512 MBVirtual Keyboard
HTCIncredible480 X 8001 GB Virtual Keyboard
MotorolaMOTO XT531320 X 480512 MBVirtual Keyboard
HTCEVO 3D GSM540 X 9601 GBVirtual Keyboard
MotorolaMotorola XT882540 X 9608 GBVirtual Keyboard
MotorolaDroid 3 540 X 9602.4 GBSliding Keyboard
HTCChacha320 X 480512 MBCandybar Fixed Keyboard
Sony EricsonSK17i320 X 480320 MBSliding Keyboard
HTCDesire S480 X 8801.1 GBVirtual Keyboard
Sony EricsonXperia Play Z1i480 X 8541 GBVirtual Keboarf, game board
KyoceraEcho480 X 8001 GBVirtual Keyboard, double screen
SamsungAndroid 4.0 on Nexus S480 X 80016 GBVirtual Keyboard
SamsungGalaxy Nexus1280 X 720Virtual Keyboard


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