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This article describes Microsoft Office 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP-2).

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What is Office 2000 Service Pack 2?

Office 2000 SP-2 is an update that includes all the security updates on the Tools on the Web Web site and some special updates that benefit corporate customers.

Who Should Install Office 2000 Service Pack 2?

Corporate customers are the main audience for Office 2000 SP-2. The only updates included in Office 2000 SP-2 that would benefit the single-license customer are the security updates, which are already available on the Tools on the Web Web site.

However, SP-2 is not a critical update to either corporate customers or the single-license customer. Therefore SP-2 is not a prerequisite update for Office 2000 updates that are shipped after Office 2000 SP-2.

Is Office 2000 SR-1 Required to Install Office 2000 SP-2?

Yes. Microsoft Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1) is required to install Office 2000 Service Pack 2.

How Do I Obtain Office 2000 SP-2

If you are an single-license customer, please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for instructions:
278269 OFF2000: How to Obtain and Install Office 2000 SP-2
If you need to update a network administrative installation of Office 2000 with Office SP-2, you must obtain the Office 2000 SP-2 Administrative Update.
For additional information about obtaining the Office 2000 SP-2 Administrative Update, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
278272 OFF2000: How to Obtain and Apply the Administrative SP-2 Update

What Updates Are Included with Office 2000 SP-2?

The following existing security updates are included in the SP-2 update:
  • Outlook 2000 SR-1 E-mail Security Update
  • Excel 2000 Register.ID Security Update
  • Office 2000 HTML Data Security Update
  • Word 2000 Mail Merge Security Update
  • Excel/PowerPoint 2000 SR-1 HTML Script Vulnerability Update
  • Word 2000 Proofing Tools Hyphenation Update
  • Word 2000 SR-1 Mail Command Security Update
  • Outlook 2000 Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) Security Update
There are also some additional updates included.
For additional information about updates included in Office 2000 Service Pack 2, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
276257 OFF2000: List of Issues Fixed in Office 2000 Service Pack 2

Products Updated by the Office 2000 SP-2 Update

The following products (CD1) can all be updated by the SP-2 Update:
  • Office 2000 Premium
  • Office 2000 Professional
  • Office 2000 Standard
  • Office 2000 Small Business
  • Office 2000 Developer
  • Outlook 2000 (standalone)
  • Access 2000 (standalone)
  • Excel 2000 (standalone)
  • Word 2000 (standalone)
  • FrontPage 2000 (standalone)
  • PowerPoint 2000 (standalone)
  • Access 2000 Run-Time

What Are the Disk Space Requirements to Install SP-2?

To install Office 2000 SP-2, you need adequate disk space on the hard disk drive of the computer to store compressed files, temporary files, and updated Office files. The expanded and temporary files are placed in a folder named IXP000.TMP, which is placed in the Windows temporary folder. The single-license customer update for Office 2000 SP-2 has a file name of Sp2upd.exe and is 9 megabytes (MB) in size. The Office 2000 Administrative Update file, Sp2admin.exe, has a file size of 29.5 MB.

How Do I Remove or Uninstall SP-2?

It is not possible to uninstall Office 2000 SP-2; it integrates itself into your installation of Microsoft Office 2000. If you need to uninstall Office 2000 SP-2, you must uninstall Microsoft Office 2000 and then reinstall Microsoft Office 2000 without installing Office 2000 SP-2.

Can I Apply Only the MSPs That I Want from the SP-2 Update?

If you extract the files contained in the Office 2000 SP-2 Update, you notice that there are MSP files. When you apply Office 2000 SP-2, you should attempt to install all the .msp files. If you receive one of the error messages listed earlier in this article, you can disregard it, because the error message indicates that the .msp file is already installed.

Omitting the installation of the Out2kmst.msp file is not an option if you do not want the Outlook E-mail Security Update, because the necessary registry updates are contained in the file. The Out2kmst.msp, Pptmst.msp, and Excelmst.msp files update the registry, and the Sp2admin.msp file updates the files on the computer. Updated versions of all .msp files must be applied to the computer in order for the upgrade to succeed. Failure to apply all .msp files will put the Office 2000 SP-2 Administrative image in an unsupported state.

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