You can open password-protected file without a password in PowerPoint 2002


Under certain circumstances, you may not be prompted for a password when you open a password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


This behavior occurs when all of the following conditions are true:
  • A script prompted you earlier for the password.

  • You typed the password when prompted by the script.

  • The program that ran the script is still running.
For example, if you use a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script to open a password-protected presentation file, PowerPoint is started without a user interface, and the password-protected presentation file is opened in memory.

If you then attempt to open your PowerPoint presentation again, you are not prompted for a password. This is because your script is holding the presentation and associated password open in memory.


To work around this issue, do one of the following:
  • Shut down the program that ran the script.
  • Start PowerPoint, open the protected file, and then click Close on the File menu.

    Note If you use PowerPoint 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Close.
  • In Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, select PowerPoint in the Close Program dialog box, and then click End Task.
  • In Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Microsoft Windows 2000, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, click Task Manager, select Microsoft PowerPoint on the Application tab, and then click End Task.
  • In Windows Vista, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, click Start Task Manager, select Microsoft PowerPoint-[filename] on the Application tab, and then click End Task.

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