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Signature Cloud Support (SCS) is available for gold and silver partners with qualifying competencies. Please share this guide with your teams that contact Microsoft for support and use it to help answer questions about your benefits and how to ensure you are set up properly.   

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Microsoft Partner Signature Cloud Support is an exclusive technical benefit that provides qualified cloud competency partners with an elevated level of technical support for select Microsoft cloud products. You will receive access to technical support engineers who will work directly with you, have extensive product-specific knowledge, and are accountable for driving cases from start to finish.

For more information about Signature Cloud Support, program benefits, and associated competencies visit the Microsoft Partner Network.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I contact the Signature Cloud Support team?
There are multiple ways to contact the Signature Cloud Support team. You can call the Office 365 support line, call the Microsoft Partner Network support line, or use the Office 365 Admin portal. We recommend opening a service request via the Office 365 Admin portal.

As a Microsoft partner:
In our tools, we are ensuring that your Office 365 partner tenant is flagged. If you have the Partner tab at the top of your Office 365 Admin portal, you are ready to go! If not, go to to learn how to enable partner features on your Office 365 account.  

On behalf of customers:
When using your partner features, you should have a delegated administrator set up for your customers. Use the “Administer on behalf of” capability to open support requests on behalf of your customers. For Cloud Solution Providers, you are required to open a support request in Partner Center, which will establish an on-behalf-of relationship with your customers programmatically.   

What is the scope of support for Signature Cloud Support for Office 365?  
SCS handles technical support scenarios surrounding Office 365. Issues around billing, presales, help and how-to, and password resets or questions about other products, such as CRM Online, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility, and Microsoft Azure, are handled by other teams. When you submit a service request, it will be routed to the responsible team. 

For all presales, deployment preparation, or advisory (help and how-to) questions, visit the Support tab on the Microsoft Partner Network portal. Under My support benefits and activities, you can request a callback from a partner technical consultant (PTC). You can also see all of your available Microsoft Partner Network support benefits here. 

To view all Office 365 offerings available to partners, see this article: Sell, Deploy, and Support Microsoft Office 365.

Now that I’ve opened my service request, when will I get a callback? Can I call in to speak to an engineer directly?
We will determine the severity of your issue and then reach out to you accordingly. Below is a table with examples of how we determine severity, and associated response times.  

For Severity A cases, you will be transferred directly to an engineer when you call the Regional Service Center or the Office 365 support line. For Severity B and C issues, your case will be dispatched to the support team.



Initial response goal

Ongoing communication goal


Severity A

One or more services are inaccessible or cannot be used. Production, operations, or deployment deadlines are severely affected, or there will be a severe impact on production or profitability. Multiple users or services are affected. 1 hourUpdate to partner every 2 hours; partner updates Microsoft every 2 hours until there is resolution Widespread problems sending or receiving mail.  

SharePoint site is down. 

All users can’t send instant messages, join or schedule Lync meetings, or make Lync calls. 
Severity B

The service can be used, but isn’t functioning properly. The situation has moderate business impact and can be dealt with during business hours. A single user, customer, or service is partially affected.

2 hoursUpdate to partner every business day until resolution is reached One user can’t access email. 

One user or administrator can’t access SharePoint site. 

Several users can’t send instant messages, join or schedule Lync meetings, or make Lync calls

Severity C

The situation has minimal business impact. The issue is important, but does not have a significant current service or productivity impact for the customer. A single user is experiencing partial disruption, but an acceptable workaround exists. 4 hoursUpdate to partner every 3 business days User can’t access email by using Outlook, but can access email by using Outlook Web App. 

Issues configuring external recipients for a SharePoint site

One user can’t send instant messages, join or schedule Lync Meetings, or make Lync calls.

Severity A: Partner needs to be available 24x7 otherwise severity is lowered to B.

How do I escalate my service request?
If you need assistance on an Office 365 technical support service request that is currently with the Partner Support team, here’s what you can do:
  1. First, try contacting your support engineer and their backup via email. You may optionally contact Microsoft by phone.
  2. If you do not receive a response from your support engineer, forward the latest email about the case to the support engineer’s manager listed in his email signature.
  3. If none of the above work and your case is Severity A, call support and someone will transfer you to the next available support engineer.
Note: For billing issues, call the Regional Service Center for an update. If you cannot reach a resolution, use for escalation.

My customer opened a service request and there hasn’t been much progress. Can you help?
Absolutely. If your customer has a case open with the frontline teams, the customer can contact the support engineer’s manager listed in his email signature if no progress has been made on the case.

What are the top resources that I should make my support teams aware of, so they don’t need to contact Microsoft?


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