How to activate your Enterprise Mobility Suite internal-use rights licenses


Today, many customers are driving the enterprise away from a device-centric model, centered on corporate-owned and provisioned devices, to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) models, in which employees can use their own devices to access corporate applications and data. To address these needs, many customers asked multiple vendors for many products to fill in these gaps. This is very challenging and a painful experience, which in the end, resulted in higher costs. The good news is Microsoft has one offering called, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which is a comprehensive cloud solution that addresses these challenges in a people-centric approach such that users can stay productive while keeping corporate information safe and secure. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite consists of: 
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Azure Right Management

Customers who are still on a journey to the cloud can use a Hybrid model with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and their on-premises solution. As Microsoft partners, you can take advantage of this opportunity and start by using this solution internally. Then, you can sell it like an expert!  

More Information

How can the Microsoft Partner Network help you?

In March 2015, we launched Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) internal-use rights (IUR) for Action Pack, silver competency, and gold competency partners to use EMS internally, perform customer demos, and for internal development and testing. You can see specific license grants in the screenshot below. 

If I am an Action Pack, silver competency, or gold competency partner, how can I take advantage of EMS benefits as part of the Microsoft Partner Network program?

  1. Go to the Microsoft Partner Download Portal. Note: A Microsoft account associated with administrator rights is required to access the page. 
  2. Click Microsoft Online Services.

  3. Click Enterprise Mobility Suite.
  4. Expand to view the product key(s) applicable to your program membership.

  5. Copy the 25 digit token code BEFORE you go to the next step. (You will need this information.)

  6. Select the link at the bottom of the page (in the Special Instructions area) and navigate to the redemption portal. Or simply go to

  7. If you are an existing partner who would like to activate your EMS product key(s) on your existing online tenant, please sign in BEFORE you activate your EMS product key(s). Each product key may ONLY be activated ONCE.

  8. To activate an EMS product key on a newly created online tenant, select the check box and then click Start.

  9. You can now paste the key you received from the Microsoft Partner Download Portal; the portal will update to reflect the product and license count. Click Next.

  10. If everything looks right, click Done adding product keys to continue.

  11. If you are the first person in your organization that creates the account, you will be the administrator. Click Start step 2 to proceed.  

  12. Complete the requested information and then click Check availability. Note: If you still want to activate EMS IUR on your existing tenant, you can also click Sign in here.

  13. After completing the requested information and finding an acceptable domain name, create your password. Then type the text in the Verification box, check the box labeled Microsoft Partners may contact me with information about their products and events, and click Continue.

  14. Now that you are ready, click Get started.

  15. Next, you will be directed to the Azure AD management portal through a step to activate your access. This is a one-time requirement per user and requires a phone or SMS verification to complete the activation. The activation process may take up to three minutes. When complete, you will be able to access the Azure AD management portal by clicking the Portal link on the top right or navigating to

  16. Once the activation is complete, future access to Azure AD is as simple as clicking on an Azure AD link in the Office Admin portal or navigating to EMS or Azure AD licenses you just activated will be available under your directory’s licenses tab. You can also use the portal to manage your users, groups, and applications, as well as manage premium features under the configure tab, or view reports. Note: Once you click on the Portal button, if you see a screen indicating No subscriptions found please wait for another minute and then try accessing again.

You can also find step-by-step instructions in this video.


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